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I arrived in Thailand on 20th December 2019.

I have a Non-imm OA multiple entry visa. Permitted to stay until 18 December 2020.

I leave for a 3 day conference in Australia on 20th March 2020 at 12.05 am.

I will get through Immigration on the 19th March.


I tried registering my address online back in 2019 but not sure if it was recorded, because the app on the website

didn't seem to run smoothly at the time and I can't find any record of it on my computer of having completed the registration.

Recently I wanted to buy a car but found out I needed a certificate of residence and perhaps a copy of the landlord's home book. 


a) Must I do a 90 day report in the 14 days prior to leaving on the 20th March?

b) Where best to get a certificate of residence?




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a. Your 90 day report is due on March 18th. You can do the report up to 15 days before or 7 days after the report date.

You do not have to the report before leaving the country unless you want to. Immigration will not check for it being done when you leave the country.

b. You need to apply for the certificate of residency at you local immigration office.


I assume your registered for doing a TM30 report of your arrival at the residence where you are staying online. Did you register and get username and password for it.

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Thanks Ubonjoe

Actually I moved into the apartment and my GF signed the lease.

I just paid her cash each month for the rent and she passed it on to the landlord.

The Landlord ignored me and never mentioned making a report.


As I mentioned, a few months later I registered online.

I went to the site today and tried to login but username/password was rejected.

Now can't find the username password but it won't accept a Lost password application

without a username and file number! 

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I forgot to mention that previously I leased an apartment where I lived on and off for more than 3 years starting with an "agent visa" and later with 30 entry plus 30 day extensions.

I went to some trouble together with the landlord to do all the paperwork for reporting my residence but the IO in Changwattana looked through my paperwork and became  angry with me (presume he could not find any money?) and told me to go back to the agent.

I didn't go back the agent. Anyway the result is Thai immigration have never known my address ..



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