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Non-Immigrant O Visa Restriction

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I applied for a non immigration multi 1 year visa last year (based on marriage) and was given this with no restrictions.


This year I applied again upon expiry but the remarks on the visa say employment prohibited. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 


I will be looking to work in TH later this year before the expiry of the visa and wondered what my options are.



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I believe you can apply for a work permit if you have a marriage extension, Joe shouldn't be too far away to confirm that, as I believe that I read he had one at one stage.

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21 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

Just an error by a person at the embassy or consulate where you applied for it.

That silly stamp should be ignored by the work permit office when you apply for one and attach a copy your marriage certificate to prove the reason the non-o visa was issued for.

Thanks I thought maybe they did that due to me working in my own country but then again that was the same as the prior year when no restriction was made.

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