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Thai tourism obliterated by virus - TAT revises forecasts as vendors do the unthinkable: Discounting souvenirs!

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Thai tourism obliterated by virus - TAT revises forecasts as vendors do the unthinkable: Discounting souvenirs!



Picture: Chiang Mai News


Chiang Mai News reported that the COVID-19 virus is having a disastrous effect on tourism in the north.


They quoted figures from the TAT for nationwide visitors as being expected to drop by almost 10% this year.


Figures for tourism spending are also expected to be way down in the Year of the Rat.


So the Thais are turning to domestic tourism to plug some of the gaps.


And in a surprise move some vendors are doing something that hitherto would have been unthinkable: discounting their prices.


The media went to the northern city's usually bustling Nimmanhaemin area.


At "One Nimman Community Mall" vendors reported 80% less tourists since the virus news broke.


Some days they were selling nothing at all - it is dead.


Some have even resorted to offering 20% discounts on things like souvenirs.


The media said that the Tourism of Thailand Authority (TAT) had expected the upward trajectory to go on and 40.78 million to visit Thailand this year and spend 1.96 trillion baht.


Then came coronavirus now named COVID-19.


Targets have now been revised way down in the continuing days of the virus outbreak.


More like 36 million is now the TAT target with a spend of 1.78 trillion baht.


Calls are being made for stimulus packages and moves to promote "Thais Visiting Thailand" to make up some of the shortfall.


Chiang mai News said the reality was that tourism in the north has been on a downward spiral since the coup of 2014.


Six years of decline.


The SARS outbreak of 2003 was a challenge - but this latest health scare is far more damaging.


Some of their statements spoke of tourism being obliterated 100% as they cited what they called a "domino effect" in the north.


Source: Chiang Mai News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-17
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Still dreaming of 36 million Tourists !   They will be lucky if they get half of that if the Virus scare goes on for another 2-3 months.

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2 hours ago, ezzra said:

Don't care much for souvenirs, however, bars dropping  their drink and pay for play fees will see me there everyday...

Jomtien..local beers and spirits 40 baht..PFP, not sure but heard stunners can be had LT for 500

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1 hour ago, drbeach said:

If tourism were down only 10%, that's nothing to be worried about. I think it's more likely to be down by 50% once the year ends, especially if this virus situation drags out for a few more months. There's no way tourism is down by just 10%. In a normal year, that can happen even in countries like Australia, where a few years ago fewer tourists came just because the AUD was so super strong, which made everything much more expensive, in what is already an expensive country.


Yes, one does see tourists in certain touristy places but I don't for a minute believe 36 million tourists will visit Thailand this year. I think it's all about creative counting - Thais arriving back from abroad are counted as "tourists". A foreigner, even possessing a PR is counted as a "tourist", while a foreign businessman who makes 30 entries to Thailand in a year is counted as 30 foreigners, even though it's the same individual. Border traders from Cambodia and Myanmar are counted as "tourists". Seeing I know there are Burmese drivers who cross over from Myawaddy to Mae Sot every day (since they are not allowed to keep their cars in Thailand overnight), some of these drivers could be counted as being more than 300 separate individuals. In reality I doubt there are much more than 15-20 million unique foreign individuals entering Thailand every year, even during a good global economy.

Only 36 mil...wasnt the target 42 mil...be more like 17 mil if you take away transit numbers, Loation and Khmer workers, Malayan border hoppers and the Chinese.

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39 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

It's somewhat amazing to consider that Thailand has a city without any sanuk at all, but the city authorities have managed to do what should have been impossible- make a Thai city boring.

I did go to the boxing bar complex of Loi Kroh a few times, but it was so boring I gave up, and never went back. 

If you are looking for bars and bar girls, I agree that you should look for it somewhere else, but to say that Chiang Mai is boring, is absolutely untrue. It's one of the most interesting places in Thailand with beautiful views of mountains, rivers and green pastures all around. One problem is, of course, the pollution. But it is everywhere nowadays. Isn't it?

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