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Thai police warn that heavy fines, prison awaits those responsible if "Skullbreaker Challenge" goes wrong

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53 minutes ago, webfact said:

The challenge involves two people kicking the feet from under a third participant as they jump in the air. This then knocks the third person off balance, often causing them to land on their head.

Those two are cheating, neither is jumping in the air...


(sarcasm alert)

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Grammar and letting the confused know the above is sarcasm
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If they get cought, the police don't need to put them in jail or fine them , just hand them over to me i will show them some scull crushing old style . I will kick their sculls in , and then stomp on their sculls . F....ng idiots . 

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2 hours ago, Pedrogaz said:

What times we live in!


1 hour ago, timendres said:

More of these challenges, please. We need the culling.


There seem to be so many really dumb people about these days.  I hope they invent more stupid stuff like this to keep their numbers down and stop them breeding.  How, about the 'smash you nuts with a hammer challenge next'?  

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What the Police have issued is a perfectly reasonable and responsible message of awareness. 
What else are they supposed to do?

In case the old white fogeys here criticising the Police on this action have completed their progress to having gone bush, demented and unreal, for your information it’s actually what a responsible Police service in any western country would also be expected to do.

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6 hours ago, Assurancetourix said:

When you know how highly the Thai police are held by the people who spend their lives on their smartphones watching all the nonsense posted by their fellows ...
They don't care ..
His words will have as much effect as brushing the dog ...

Brushing a dog has many benefits, both for the dog and the person brushing. 

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Seeing <deleted> like this from the new generation kinda makes me root for the corona virus to be honest or another world war.. hopefully tik tok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be banned. We were better off without it.

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I am not sure which part in the video was more stupid;
that they kicked him down in the first place or then moved his neck and head while he could have serious <deleted>.

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