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EU industry chief tells Facebook to adapt to EU, not other way round

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I wonder if I can see what is coming here? An "EU" browser, an EU " Facebook", an EU alternative to Google.

Setup at vast cost - funded by the EU of course as no commercial undertaking will go near it, controlled from Brussels. Just wait for the argument over whether it is to be in French ( cultural leaders) or German (we are paying): maybe they will alternate on a monthly basis?


Then the dawning realisation after the trumpeted inaugurations, (Beethoven Symphonies all round, blue flags everywhere, Ms Sturgeon demanding that she be allowed to play too - after all Tim Berners-Lee is known to have enjoyed a holiday in the Highlands) that no one is using it..


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and if they don't?


EU goes back to its people and says no facebook for you proles.


yeah, right :coffee1:



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