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Sanders, Bloomberg trade insults as Democratic White House race heats up

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Sanders, Bloomberg trade insults as Democratic White House race heats up

By Tim Reid and John Whitesides



FILE PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg attends a campaign event at Buffalo Soldiers national museum in Houston, Texas, U.S. February 13, 2020. REUTERS/Go Nakamura/File Photo


RICHMOND, Calif. (Reuters) - Democratic White House contenders Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg stepped up their attacks on each other on Monday, with Sanders accusing the media mogul of trying to buy the election and Bloomberg saying the senator and his fervent supporters were hurting the party.


Sanders compared the former New York mayor with Republican President Donald Trump, saying both were billionaires trying to use their wealth to bend a corrupt political system.


"Mr. Bloomberg, like anyone else has a right to run for president. He does not have a right to buy the presidency!" Sanders told thousands of supporters at a rally in Richmond, near San Francisco, who booed vehemently at the mention of Bloomberg's name.


The attacks in California, including criticism of Bloomberg's record on race, echoed a series of attacks that Sanders, a self-identified democratic socialist who regularly rails against the political influence of billionaires, levelled at Bloomberg over the weekend in Nevada and Colorado.


That drew a response on Monday from Bloomberg, who tweeted a video featuring alleged Sanders supporters - his fervent online backers known as "Bernie Bros" - attacking other candidates and their supporters on social media.


It ended with a clip of Sanders calling for "civil discourse," followed by the question "Really?"


"We need to unite to defeat Trump in November," Bloomberg said in the tweet. "This type of 'energy' is not going to get us there."


Bloomberg's campaign said the attacks from Sanders were "shameful" and compared him with Trump for also unfairly criticizing Bloomberg. It said the attacks were a sign of the growing political threat Bloomberg posed.


Bloomberg has risen sharply in recent opinion polls in the race for the Democratic nomination to challenge Trump in the Nov. 3 election after pouring hundreds of millions of his own dollars into advertising in states that vote in March or later.


Sanders leads polls nationally and in Nevada, where the next nominating contest will be held on Saturday, after strong finishes in the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.


"At this point, the primary is Bernie's to lose, and ours to win. Bernie knows this. Trump knows this. That's why they are united in the campaign against Mike,” said Kevin Sheekey, campaign manager for Bloomberg.


"This campaign will not sit idly by and allow these false attacks to stand without response," Sheekey said in a statement.


Bloomberg skipped the four early voting states in February - South Carolina will also vote on Feb. 29.


At the rally in Richmond, Sanders also criticized Bloomberg's past support in New York of "stop-and-frisk" police policies during his time as mayor that disproportionately hit African Americans. Bloomberg has apologised for his support of that tactic.


Sanders also said Bloomberg had in the past opposed a minimum wage and had called for cuts to government-run social assistance programs.


"Imagine a multi-billionaire opposing a raise in the minimum wage. Imagine a multi-billionaire asking for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid," Sanders told the crowd.


(Reporting by Tim Reid in Richmond, Calif., and John Whitesides in Washington; Editing by Peter Cooney)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2020-02-18

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5 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

It is all relative. In comparison to grab em by the +++++, and when you are famous you can just stick your tongue in their mouths, and they will not say no, Bloomy's stuff is so silly, and relatively inane. Add in the probability of Trump's participation in the Epstein's party weekends, and Moscow "crowd" events, and you have a truly mild situation. 

If Epstein party goers get dragged  into this, a lot of folks stand to go down.

Time will tell. 

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He's not finished at all. Third in the democratic nomination polls and hasn't even been in a primary yet. Beats 45 in if nominated polls. Maybe people are confusing him with Biden who does appear to be finished. 

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1 minute ago, Tippaporn said:

I'm sure everyone's seen the latest vid of Bloomberg telling the audience how he can teach them to farm.  Why you can farm even if you're dumb.  Maybe especially if you're dumb.  And his comment about the "industrial society."  "You put the piece of metal in the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job."  I happen to work in manufacturing.  You can spend a five year apprenticeship as a tool & die maker and still not know your a$$ from a hole in the ground.  What a demeaning, clueless little c't.


So many nasty stories to tell about Bloomberg and not enough time.  He's more than just an empty suit, he's a guaranteed snake in the grass.


"So what if he has a few controversies behind him, and has said some inane things in the past."  LOL

I guess we all have seen the video. Also the fact stated, that only 2% of the American people are farmers.


Only 2% of the people!


Now you might say, that there are loads of people, who support these voters. But is there really?


You might say that these people's feels have been hurt so badly? What? Are they the snowflakes?


You might question how much gray matter these people have on their brains, compared to people who code for living. I would say it's almost the same amount. Some of the smartest got out of the farms and made a better living by coding. Smarter than them folks did so, and got back farming as it made a lot more sense. 


And it's still only 2% of the population. 

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