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Laptop crashed after loading flash drive from camera

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I loaded a flash drive in to my laptop from a camera which had some new video shots, after I had deleted all previous images / video.

When I inserted flash drive it wouldn't load, I tried again still not work, so I removed it.

Went on line and images started to flicker then the screen went whiteish.

Shut down, restarted and Windows did a repair, twice, finally everything back to normal.   Nothing else e.g. programs etc, as yet seem to have been lost.

This morning no issues, everything seems to be back to normal.


My questions are - Why did this happen?    Could the location on the laptop for the flash drive be damaged?    Is the flash drive ( 4GB ) damaged or infected?



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can you do a scan of the USB to ensure it's free of any virus .... ?

also do a system check ... open start ... click run .... type  chkdsk/f 

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Likely a problem with the 5V power rail on the mainboard. Either the USB drive caused a short or transiently drew too many amps..


Not usually a serious problem.

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