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Motorway Pataya Utapao Buy House or Rent House, do you have villages names or exact locations where to check ?

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I want to visit villages and houses to rent / buy near the new motorway Bangkok pattaya utapao.


Do you know some villages or locations near the utapao motorway exits ? Any area is developing ? Any constructions ?


If you have villages names or locations please help me ❤️


I found these 2 maps and will check around the motorway exits, but it's1536151815_PattayatoUtapaoAirportMotorwayMap2020.png.7cecca88051cd7d7af031503d168418a.png not easy as the area is huge.




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5 hours ago, BuyHouseBowin said:


Do you know if prices are cheaper than Pattaya ? Thanks.




Yes generally cheaper, living in Ban Chang in general is cheaper than Pattaya.

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there are some small 2 floor townhouses near to phala beach for 1.5 million, there are 3 other developments on the phala road between the new exit of the 7 road at the sukhunvit road ban chang and phala beach

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Eastern Star Golf Course has half a dozen+ developments. Some are completed but private sales and rentals are ongoing. Also there are larger plots of land available. Motorway exit will be approx 2km away.

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