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Door Key Technician in Phuket (Digital Door Lock)

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Good morning from Patong,


I trust that my post finds you all well. I am looking for a certified Door Key Lock technician to repair or install a anew YALE Digital Door Lock (if the current one is broken). I went to HOME PRO and they do NOT have any technician to install it (or to recommend one). I call YALE company and the do NOT have a certified distributor here in Phuket. Does anyone of you have ever installed a digital door lock? There should be a QUALIFIED technician somewhere in Phuket. 


Thank you for letting me know 

Dorm Yale Key Door Lock.jpg

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If you are replacing an existing lock of the same model just take off the plate on the back of the door, unscrew it and put the new lock in its place. I have done a few in the past and changing one for one is pretty straightforward. There should be fitting instructions included with the lock anyway. Don't watch the youtube video on this- the Kiwi bint has one of those innoying iccents in which 'a's and 'e's are pronounced 'i'.


I take it that you appreciate that this is a privacy lock, NOT a security lock?

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Thank you for your reply. I have seen the videos and instructions. I do not want to do anything myself. I want a TECHNICIAN to install it for me. I always fix things myself BUT in this case i am fed up with this ongoing issue. Someone suggested me to purchase a Hafele digital door lock so as to be able to have assistance if there is a need. I may proceed with is solution...


**i had people locked outside and inside and i was not around to sort it out, i can not experience the same again. One RELIABLE and EXPERIENCED Door Key Technician somewhere in Phuket should be able to do it. I am looking for it, if you know someone please share the info with me. cheers

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