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Let me go and I'll give you a million bucks! Koh Phangan police not interested in UK/Israeli drug guy's bribe attempt

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So you expect me to believe that a cop - a THAI cop - turned down a million dollars - roughly 30 million Thai baht?  Ok, I'll buy it, but also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, And that the mo

he has me beat.

Perfect example of what I have been saying, Thais are not all about the money.

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1 hour ago, metempsychotic said:

utter nonsense this is.

sure the guy was dealing, but the offer of a million bucks isn't realistic in any scenario.

1 million baht perhaps

indeed he would have to pay something like the still "fugitive" Vorayuth Yoovidhaya the heir and grandson of the billionaire who invented the energy drink....and then leave country for medical treatment

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18 minutes ago, nobodysfriend said:

Relax , one gf causes me a lot of headache already , imagine six ... no , thanks ... leave that to NCC1701A ...

You got the joke, right? I'm a green gecko so when I'm envious, I don't just turn green with envy, I turn dark green.

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RE - Found in a bedroom at his house were ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine, two types of ganja, scales and plastic bags for distributing the drugs. He admitted at the police station that it was all his.


🤔 Does not appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer ...

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1 hour ago, Ventenio said:

Why not take the 1 million and then say, "Sorry, we don't accept bribes!!  Lock him up!!!"


I'm sure they will take everything from his house......plus have him politely tell them his bank account information.   He's definitely not cash poor.......  

1 mil confiscated as "evidence". Perfectly legal. Cops have done it in the US ever since there were drug dealers.

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