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Let me go and I'll give you a million bucks! Koh Phangan police not interested in UK/Israeli drug guy's bribe attempt

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So you expect me to believe that a cop - a THAI cop - turned down a million dollars - roughly 30 million Thai baht?  Ok, I'll buy it, but also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, And that the mo

he has me beat.

Perfect example of what I have been saying, Thais are not all about the money.

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1 hour ago, Bedfordshire said:

Let him rot in jail, these yellow men are everywhere selling their drugs, I hope the police investigate them more, many of them are drug dealers hiding in thailand , they make racist comments when it's with other race , I don't see them doing that now , hypocrites,  the yellow men are the scum of the world , this drug dealer might even be one of those who make bad comments on other race while his busy killing innocent people, i hope he rots in hell together with hypocrites on TV.

On TV, what programs are you referring too...?  🤔

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29 minutes ago, JustAnotherHun said:


He said that the suspect has six Russian girlfriends

Next life I'll become a drug dealer

🤔.... a big one as if not you may end up with Olga from the tractor factory ....

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

He said that the suspect has six Russian girlfriends

Correction :

He said that he used to have six Russian girlfriends

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