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US IRS Form 1040 email/phone no.

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Easy to miss so just want to point out that this year's 1040 has spaces for email address and phone no. (in the Sign Here section). If the IRS finally discovers the internet and starts communicating via email that would be great especially for expats.


Snail mail is scary for vital stuff because it can get lost particularly international. Last year I got one of them dreaded Notices from the IRS. Of course, they sent it regular mail and I hate to think what would have happened if I didn't receive it and maybe missed the followup. Of course, I responded via registered mail and sweated tracking the next few days which ended at some weird receiving station that I couldn't be sure it had reached.


Hey, IRS, email/attachments way to go. Save tax payer money and a lot of stress.

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I just filed my federal taxes and yes at the bottom in small type there spaces to enter the phone and email.  While I like the idea of electronic communication I would not use the email.  Email is not secure.  I on a few occasions have had my email hacked and hotmail at least figured that out and suspended it.  Takes a while to get back into the account, if you even can get into it.  In the meantime, if you had official or important email going there, you would not see it.  So think twice before deciding to provide that information.

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1 hour ago, gk10002000 said:

few occasions have had my email hacked

Few? More than once, amazing, you must be one of those fancy free careless souls:-) I've had email since the internet was born with a dozen different accounts and never been hacked once.


It's pretty much impossible if you're careful in public areas and in using wifi. At home on your own PC connecting over fiber you'd have to be targeted with equipment.


I interact with Fidelity and my credit union in the US exclusively via email (and the occasional phone call) and they have everything nicely set up with instantaneous auto-acknowledge (which tells me mail go through) plus secret phrases which tells me mail from them is genuine.


It's the way to go. The IRS should have digital/paper/both options and give a $5 incentive for the first one.

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