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I.am an american, have always come in on one year mairrage visa, but this time i will just come in one 30 day stamp. can I get a 30 extension? 60 extension. since i have never arrived without a visa, a but confused. Wonder if someone could help me out.


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3 hours ago, fishtank said:

You can get a 60 day extension. 1,900 Baht.

Take your Wife with you when you apply.

The above is not correct > When you enter Visa Exempt you will be stamped in for a 30 day permission to stay (including the day of arrival).  You can extend that VE entry for an additional 30 days (and those days will be added to your existing permission to stay, so no need to wait till last day to apply for the extension).  You can only extend once per entry, then you would have to leave the country.  Extensions can be applied for at any IO and will cost 1.900 THB. 

Note: When entering VisaExempt be aware that you will need an onward flight otherwise you will be denied boarding by your airplane carrier.  When required you can buy on the spot a cheap one-way throw-away ticket out of Thailand for approx 1000 THB (e.g. HuaHin - KL or Bangkok DMK - Saigon).

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3 minutes ago, jackdd said:

The above is correct and you are wrong.

When married to a Thai it's possible to get a 60 days extension for being married to a Thai.

Oops, you and Fishtank are right of course. 

Sorry about this (and luckily quickly corrected by those in the know).

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