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Trump offered to pardon Assange if he cooperated over email leak, UK court hears

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20 hours ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


At this point, in my personal opinion, pretty much anybody other than Trump (among the Democrats) would be a vast improvement over the lying scumbag who currently holds the office. Heck, the White House janitor probably would be a big improvement too, considering the alternative. So I'd be content to take almost any of them...


However, while that might be my personal, individual view, the reality is:

--a majority of the U.S. isn't going to elect a gay former small town mayor as president.

--a majority of the U.S. isn't going to elect a self declared socialist as president.

--a majority of the U.S. probably is going to have problems electing most female candidates as president, because, like it or not, there are still enough neanderthals out there who believe a woman isn't capable to be president (enough to swing the scales to a loss in a close race).


So what are we left with that has any reasonable likelihood of beating Trump?  That's the conundrum.  Sure, nominate Bernie as the Democratic presidential candidate, and you can start printing your tickets to the Trump inauguration ceremony for 2020.


The country, in my opinion stupidly, is far more divided than it ought to be, because too many ordinary American have drunk the right-wing Kool-Aid that Trump and Co. are going to make life better for them -- which they haven't and won't. So the reality is, for a Democrat to win the presidency these days, it has to be someone who can win over the independents and the middle-America wishy-washy Democrats.  Without that, the Dems are SUNK!



Totally agree with all of the above. The US is in for some rough times ahead. I do hope Mike can pull this off. I just do not know who else can beat Trump. And he desperately needs to be beaten, if the country is to be saved, from his ravages and crimes. 

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1 hour ago, Monomial said:


If you want to win, you need a candidate who will focus that anger somewhere else. I think anyone who viciously attacks bankers and Wall Street and the investor class in general has a real chance of winning over the electorate.


No Democratic candidate is currently going to do that. Bernie might under the right circumstances, therefore he is the only guy who stands a chance, but only if he adopts the right policies.  It is a new world now. Everything you believed for the last 50 years is over.



Elizabeth Warren probably fits the bill for the kind of candidate you're talking about above. And she has good, proven credentials for standing up to Wall Street on behalf of ordinary Americans. But the whole "Indian" heritage flap, which of course Trump exploited HUGELY, helped torpedo her candidacy pretty much before it got into the real primaries campaign cycle.


PS - I don't think there's any evidence that middle America independents and wishy-washy Democrats want a candidate who's going to try to wholesale remake the economic system of the country. And, anyone who starts talking about "socialism" is guaranteed to lose a presidential election in today's America. Not to mention that Bernie is already 78 and just coming off a heart attack not long ago.


Plus, in checking the campaign wire lately, it seems he's pulling "Trump I'll release my income tax returns some year (but no I really won't)" move on issues pertaining to his heart attack and overall health situation -- which isn't very forthright or reassuring from someone who wants to be president.






Questions about Sanders’ health linger after heart attack

February 20, 2020


WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders says he doesn’t plan to divulge additional information about his health, months after suffering a heart attack on the campaign trail and subsequently pledging to release “comprehensive” medical records.


“I think we have released a detailed medical report, and I’m comfortable on what we have done,” the 78-year-old Vermont senator said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday.


Questions about Sanders’ health have lingered ever since he checked into a Las Vegas hospital with chest discomfort on Oct. 1 and had two stents inserted. His campaign didn’t acknowledge that he had suffered a heart attack until his release several days later. 




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