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Burglaries, police inactivity force Canadian/Thai couple out of Thailand - they had 1M baht at home "waiting for exchange rate to improve"

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Burglaries, police inactivity force Canadian/Thai couple out of Thailand - they had 1M baht at home "waiting for exchange rate to improve"

The Thai wife of a Canadian man has told the media that they are fed up with Thailand and are selling up and leaving.
Specifically they are upset about burglaries at their gated housing estate in Rayong and angry with the Thai police for not getting any results.
Now they have hired a lawyer to get back some of a million baht in cash that was stolen earlier this month.
They had 40,000 Canadian dollars in a bedroom stolen. The wife said they were waiting for the poor exchange rate to improve.
Now they are off back to Canada - though online stats suggest that burglaries may be worse there than Thailand.
Deuanpen, 40, spoke to Daily News at the couple's house in a private estate in Ban Chang, Rayong.
She and her husband Robert, 59, were pictured in front of a "for sale" sign. He was smiling but the couple had little to be happy about.
She said that her husband is a businessman and she runs a salon. On February 1st a man climbed over the wall of the housing estate and cut his way into the rear of their property. He was dressed like a company employee might be. (How she knew all this was not explained in the story, notes Thaivisa).
From a bedroom he stole the following: $40,000 Canadian dollars, $40 US dollars, 30,000 baht and 10,000 Yen, a phone and travel accessories - she said it was all worth a million baht.
"We had a large amount of cash in the house because we were waiting for the poor exchange rate to improve," she told Daily News. They had gone on a trip to Pattaya while their house was burgled.
She said there had been other burglaries in the estate - 8 baht weight in gold (about 175,000 baht value) was stolen from a house and a teacher opposite lost 4,000 baht.
"My husband thought that buying an expensive house would mean we would also get good security," she said.
She said that the Bang Chang police came round but after more than two weeks their investigations have got nowhere. When she asked about progress in the case she said they spoke in an unfriendly manner, acted like they didn't care and said they were busy with lots of other cases.
The couple are so fed up that they plan to sell the house and leave and go to Canada, she said.
Now they have hired the services of lawyer Khomsan Chemchoi who is looking into suing the housing estate and security company in an effort to get back the couple's lost money.
He is examining agreements with the estate and also plans to press the police to act in the case.
Whether Canada would be safer than Thailand regarding burglary is a moot point, notes Thaivisa. Online statistics from the World Data Atlas suggest that in 2010 Canada had 578 burglaries per 100,000 people. In the same year knoema.com suggested the Thai rate was just 9.6 per 100,000.
And the Thai burglary rate had almost halved by 2016.
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-20
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