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Netizens more than irate! Chinese egg donations to repair the virus crisis go on sale in Thailand!

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36 minutes ago, JustAnotherHun said:

I have a shrine too. If you pray there - can be done online aswell - it saves you from any possible infections.

Eggs welcome.

Already done: https://peterpopoff.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-bjyBRCcARIsAFboWg2UFsvREsyZ8eIECDtuOh41bsONlpHaOaE9KiWRkXFaju6xDudlkDwaAqieEALw_wcB




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This wasn't too hard to crack boiled down to a temple employee it's a wonder more weren't poaching the goods hope he gets fried over the whole matter just lucky things didn't get more scrambled !

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

However, they were under the impression that the eggs would be handed out free to the needy as part of the assuaging of the terrible impact of the virus on China.


That didn't happen.


Overnight all the eggs went missing.


Then an online message appeared advertising "Cheap Eggs For Sale".


An employee at the temple explained that the money would go to the temple coffers and everything would be alright.

Love it.... Thainess at it's best!

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