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Nana Plaza - arrested

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5 minutes ago, WhereIsMyRyeBread said:

If you let a bar-girls hand slide into your pants and hold your member, a tip is expected.

Yea she took the opportunity to ask for too much but there are classier way to handle and deflate the situation.

First chance to deflate the drama:
He could've quickly finished his drink, pay the for the drinks, put 500 THB in her hand, and given her a funny compliment for her to ponder over - and made a gentlemanly exit.  
Instead it sounds as if he got all upset and said blank no to her and she kicked up a storm. 

He can't read the situation at the tender age of 64..?


Second chance to deflate the drama:

Cops still roll up as he's leaving exclaiming 'you pay 4 k now' . 

Answer: yes sure, you take credit card, no? sorry about that - over there ATM, take out money for you.

There you go, here's 5k, extra for you No really, I insist, my bad.  Money for water in office. Today I headache.  
He wouldve gotten away clean.


Jesus, now he got a jail record. A night in jail! Unbelievable. 

I believe there are legal forms used for various purposes where you can't have a record of arrest e.g applying for permanent resident character related papers stuff like that.

Now he has to worry about it.






















Wow, you seem to be a real expert. Been there done that eh :whistling:

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Posted (edited)

this is an age old scam and happens in many countries, though it is less common in thailand.


i have just sat with a girl while having my own drink and been asked to pay high companion fees before leaving, without asking the girl to sit. other times a guy from the bar will come hang over me while the girl is there. again, not in nana.


when you dont pay they call the police and it looks like a bill dispute. you can get off by paying whats "owed" at the police station for the trouble, and the magistrate there or lead cop will just pocket the money. does not look good for the bar in question if it happens too often.


lack of tourists may make this more likely in the future. just the price you pay hanging out at seedy venues, nothing you can do about it.

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On 3/18/2020 at 10:21 AM, Sujo said:

Its considered part of the play for the girl to get you to barfine her. I have never been charged for such things.

so youve been given a hand job in an Ago go bar?

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