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offshore workers safety training BOSIET in thailand

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Ineed to redomy  BOSIET offshore training certificate in order to go back to work after been 6 , yes six years on the beach.There was MOGIT in sri racha but it isn't there anymore. Falck nutec isn't clear about their activity training wise.Any help from members where I can renew my BOSIET in Thailand?? I did many times   the  BOSIET in Singapore but its  too steep a pric fly there , pay 1500 S$ and stay at a hotel. BUT  what  does it takes to go back to work Johann muller from germany


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I did my FOET in lam chaebang last year , with the exchange rate at the time it worked out nearly double the price to do it in the uk , It was much easier than doing it in the uk there was only 3 of us on the course but expensive

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MOGIT are in Laem Chabang and Songkhla and RelyOn Nutec are in Bangpoo in Samut Prakan. Both companies are the same price.  It's more expensive than the UK because pricing is set by the authorities here...


We just had guys refused boarding a chopper because they trained at that other place in Pattaya. Apparently their certs are not accepted when working offshore in Gulf of Thailand. 

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I've done mine three times now at Falck. Yes, prices are a rip-off because it's the energy business.

Same as the outrageous price charged for a bare minimum health check for the OGUK medical.

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