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Thailand's beauty craze: 'Milking' snails to make facial creams

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Thailand's beauty craze: 'Milking' snails to make facial creams

By Patrick Winn



A man waters a snail in the process of producing cosmetics at a snail farm at Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand, May 11, 2018. 

Credit: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters 


It begins with a caress. The scientist lightly drags a plastic wand over the snail’s mantle until the creature glistens. Then he holds it aloft, light shimmering across its skin, its antennae wiggling.


“You see that? The slipperiness?” Somsak Panha said. He’s a biologist who is known as Thailand’s top snail guru.




“That’s mucus,” he said. A little stimulation on a snail’s skin makes it ooze. “Just a touch. Shiny, isn’t it? And this right here is the stuff people can actually use.”


By “use,” he means smearing that mucus all over your face. Dabbing it around your eyes in hopes your crow’s feet will vanish. Rubbing it into your cheeks so that they’ll appear youthful and taut. 


Full story: https://www.pri.org/stories/2020-02-20/thailands-beauty-craze-milking-snails-make-facial-creams


-- PRI 2020-02-21

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On 2/21/2020 at 11:08 AM, Thian said:

My wife also smears a small fortune on her face every day..


The Thai can easy grow aloe vera which really works good and costs almost nothing when home grown.

Very true. It's grows well with little sun and constantly produces offshoots for transplant. They grow like weeds anyplace you put them. 


I've told several Thai friends that they can eat the leaves or drink the juice but they don't believe me. Squeeze the large leaves with a rolling pin to express the inside gel and then discard the leaf. 


Great for burns, rashes, sunburn, etc. I don't know about facial treatments but it can't hurt. Probably as good as most of the <deleted> they sell here for skin cremes. 

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They milk foreigners enough, you know, FARANG, who where recently told to FXXX OFF by a Thai government Minister, so why not milk snails. 555


Are they trying to be the perfect race of people much like Hilter's dream which back fired!


What gets me is that Thai want so much to emulate Western people, the very people they seem to hate, but on the other hand act so proud to be Thai when infact Thai, formally known as Siamese, the very people kicked out of southern China by the so loved Chinese, (Siamese transliterated meaning DARK SKINNED PEOPLE), are far from the traditional true Dark skinned, flat pug nosed traditional Siamese Thai...


Fickle people with lost identies obsessed with boob plus nose jobs, bleaching of skin, dental alterations, constant visits to the nail shop plus hair salon, purchasing many cosmetic products etc... in the land of false dreams and peoples, which FARANG, the very people told to Fxxx OFF by a Thai minister, that greatly support Thai people in there obsession to be FARANG!



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