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Traffic Question

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?   Given the fact that supposedly all officials work for the citizenry.  Traffic on and around the city is just too much, horrible congestion.  The citizenry and guests, foreign and/or local have to put up with this problem if and when they use road transportation.  It is the duty and responsibility of officialdom to try and fix this congestion problem. Those using road transportation have to face the slow down.  Then why should the folks whose responsibility is to fix the problem and don't seem able to do so ... get to have a flashing red light escort thru the traffic problem.  Its the little people (those paying the bill and are supposedly the boss') who get the brunt of the problem, while the workers ( the govt officials who should fix the problem) get the benefit escort.  Why !!!

Ans.  This is Thailand.

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Simple answer... Those in positions of decision making power don’t care because it doesn’t impact them. 


The only way improvements are made is when there is money to be made by those who can make decisions to implement improvement, otherwise all we hear / read is the same media lip service, the same announcements, the same crack-downs, the same monotonous insult to the intelligence of the population. 


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