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Spinal Cord Injury Epidural Stimulation

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Does anyone have experience with 'X (private clinic) and their epidural stimulation treatment for spinal cord injury?  The  website shows results and testimonials that are very impressive.  I have a good friend in the USA confined to a wheelchair with spinal cord injury and he is considering coming to Bangkok for treatment.   Please comment if you have information about epidural stimulation therapy for spinal cord injury or about the Clinic.  Thank you.

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To avoid problems with Thailand's Defamation laws I have removed the clinic name from your post.


Stand alone clinics in Bangkok are often dodgy and best avoided.


The private medical sector is poorly regulated here and scams abound, many of them quite dangerous.


The more aggressively they advertise and the more glowing testimonials they have = the more they should usually be avoided


Electrical stimulation for SCIs is still in experimental stages and is not without risks.


If yoir friend wishes to try it he should look into a bona fide clinical trial of which there are several now enrolling in the US.



And others may be found at www.christopherreeve.org


Definitely do not fall for the various overseas locations claiming to do this on demand. They operate outside normal medical practice, are unregulated and unsafe.


Please note the warning against such things here



Many people have come to serious harm and even more have had their savings wiped out by falling for these scams.


Reputable health care providers do not make exaggerated claims and do not offer still unproven/incompletely tested treatments outside of a research protocol.


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