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Chonburi: Police fled the scene of an accident - Thai woman's boss suggests she may get a result!

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Chonburi: Police fled the scene of an accident - Thai woman's boss suggests she may get a result!



Caption: Police fled the scene of an accident

Image: 77kaoded


A secretary went to the Samed police to report that her car was damaged while she was eating with friends in a restaurant.


Rathchadaporn, 48, had parked her Toyota C-HR while she went inside Laab Chaiyaphum to have a bite to eat on Thursday evening.


But soon locals told her that her vehicle had been sideswiped by a police vehicle. CCTV proved it and armed with the evidence she went to the station.


She told 77kaoded that if the cops had stopped there wouldn't have been a problem - but they just drove off brazenly.


Pol Lt Anupong Dorkmai took the report.


He may be well advised to make a full investigation.


Ratchadaporn is not employed by just anyone - her boss is Chonburi politician and Chairman of Chonburi FC Wittaya Khunpluem.


He is also the brother of the mayor of Pattaya and son of the infamous Somchai Khunpluem or "Kamnan Poh - Godfather of Chonburi".


Somchai once "fled the scene" himself jumping bail after being convicted in a hired killing. He died last year.


Source: 77kaoded



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-22
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This type of thing has happened where I used to live; turns out the cop was 'silent' running with his lights off so as not to alert the 'bad guys' that he was coming for them. This too is probably a police matter important so he didn't stop for the accident, don'tchaknow.

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1 minute ago, Jane Dough said:

"What's all this about that woman's car, sergeant?"


"Sorry, chief, I was on me way to get your donuts at Dunkin'".


"Nuff said, officer, Carry On!"



Sergeant, presenting the takeaway: Your nuts sir.

Chief: Thank you sergeant.

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I can see where this will end, urgent police matter didn't allow the police to stop but they made a full report of the incident back at the station, wai's and apologies all round, a bunch of flowers, smiles and the insurance will take care of everything.

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I saw a police officer hit a motorbike killing two men, it was nasty one lad had his leg ripped off. The officer stopped for a second and then just drove away.


The police decided the motorbike was at fault and no compensation was paid. I was shocked as the car was driving crazy fast, my wife was not surprised.


I will always remember after the dead were taken away bits of flesh were on the road and a dog was licking the blood.

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Another nail in Pattaya Plod's coffin; if only!  I seethe daily at their inability to curb speeding drivers; dishonest taxi drivers (ALL of them in Pattaya); red light runners; all in favour of useless banditry that swells the Town Hall coffers at the expense of lives.

Chonburi has the 2nd worst figures of all Thailand for casualties.

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