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Did Annual O - Retirement Renewal Yesterday

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I am American, using income method, this was my 4th year. I am on an O visa.


Location Bangkok Cheng Wattana 


Everything very smooth. Some guy was kind enough to pass an earlier unused number to me, jumped me 30 places...thanks again!


I wai'd sat down with my wife and never said a word. The IO spent all her time chatting with my wife in Thai, including small talk, while rapidly shuffling and stamping paperwork.


I find it seems the IO's enjoy not having to think or speak in English, and my wife has become expert in this whole process. So I just sit and smile.


In addition to required forms, I had 12 months of bank statements , bank actual gave me 6 bimonthly statements, a coversheet showing all deposits listed, and total, they also provided individual slips for 12 months of deposits, which included type, and where from, in my case US Treasury.


This is a Direct Deposit account so in accord with US Law it cannot have a debit card, and funds must be withdrawn at the counter. This makes the bank statements quite short.


I also had my bankbook updated same day and provided copy of whole book, as well as copy of all used pages in passport. The IO pulled out some pages she did not need. No photos, or anything else needed. They did ask me to draw a map. I drew a single labeled road and a MRT station as landmark. 


I had issue with Bangkok bank branch office , again, not doing as told again, 2nd year, and providing the correct cover. Had to go to main office, who gave me marching orders and a phone number to give my branch, once again the main office put the boot in. My wife was taking on the entire staff at Bangkok bank local branch, and was winner. Again, I just watch.


All docs from bank branch cost 800 Thb.


I was in and out of Immigration in 2 hours. Cost of renewal at immigration 1900 Thb. 

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