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Hua Hin: Khao Tao residents furious - legitimate artwork defaced by "serial graffiti artist"

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Hua Hin: Khao Tao residents furious - legitimate artwork defaced by "serial graffiti artist"



Image: 77kaoded


Residents of Khao Tao in the Hua Hin area are furious that one of their well known artworks has had an addition.


A black figure with one eye has been added to a picture on a wall of a blue shark.


The original picture is one of many in the area promoting street art and is a source of pride for the locals.


A Facebook poster called "Ritzy Kriengklai Jangsewang" called it inappropriate and damaging for a great piece of street art.


Some of the 100,000 people who are members of a Hua Hin Facebook group agreed but some didn't.


Some felt it was perfectly Ok - just another expression of street art.


Others called it dirty and impolite and defacing an artist's work.


77kaoded said that the figure on the shark bore a striking resemblance to similar figures that have been drawn on walls, lampposts and signage all over the Hua Hin area. It appears that a serial graffiti artist is at work.


Source: 77kaoded



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-22
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I know this wannabe Streetartist. He has defaced hua for years and seems to be under species protection here. His "art" is rather banal. I would rather call it vandalism. He has already "embellished" my wife's shop. he is known to the police, but they does nothing.

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