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UK Land Registry Restriction to sell Issues

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I have buy to sell apartment in Nottingham. In 2011 my Ex-Wife through her solicitor applied restriction on it so I cannot sell. After varied correspondence  I got it removed on 7 June 2011. My Divorce went through in 2018 with court order and me as sole owner of this buy to rent apartment. Now when I have buyer and deal was going through it has been pointed that restriction although removed on 7 June 2011 was placed again on 17 June 2011 without informing me by Land Registry or any one else. After about 4 months of legal letters and around £3000 bills she has signed informed Land Registry to remove restriction. 


Is there any way I can claim compensation from Land Registry for not informing of restriction placed ? What chances of success and how much will I be able to get ? Any chance of claiming compensation from ex wife's solicitor ? I personally feel this is Gender Discrimination as

My Ex wife, Her Solicitor and officer at Land Registry are all females. I went few times to Land Registry office before 7 June 2011 and meet this lady officer who did not sound very good to me but reluctantly agreed to remove restriction.


Any help advice will be appreciated and I thank in advance for same. Also if possible to claim compensation any suggestion of legal expert firm in UK who can do this for me ? Thank you.

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