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Timing of extending 30 day tourist Visa

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First time to be here in Thailand more than 30 days - forgive the lack of knowledge please.  I've visited Thailand before while working in Singapore.  Recently on January 28 I entered Chaing Mai from Taipei after visiting TPE for a few days.   I asked for a 60 day tourist visa at entry in Chiang Mai, but I noticed later he only stamped it for 30 days.   Is this normal at this time......US citizens only getting a 30 day tourist visa?    I'm not departing until March 21st so obviously I'll need to pay the 1900Baht to extend.    Im just curious if I could have requested the 60 day more strenuously at Customs when I came in.    I was last in Thailand on June 3, 2019 for 5 days.   Thanks for any input!

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just do a 30 day extension at local immigration to where you are staying, 1,900 thb


edit do the extension in the last week of your current permission to stay stamp

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