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"Thais Help Thais” fights Covid-19 crisis, revives economy

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29 minutes ago, rooster59 said:

because the government must do whatever it takes to generate the largest amount of cash flow in the country.


I know a way well but it will not please the junta led by Khun Prayuth




It would please us all because the baht would suffer a severe tumble

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1 hour ago, rooster59 said:

the most important thing now is that Thai people have to help each other by shopping at malls and travel in the country as it will show confidence that the Thai public health system can still contain the situatio.

I think shop owners at malls like Iconsiam aren’t the ones that need help the most, maybe? Also, I don’t see the relation between shopping at the mall and confidence in the Thai public health system. 

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1 hour ago, Misterwhisper said:

I thought it said BYGONESIAM, which likewise would be sort of... uhm... apt.

For a sec I thought you said BOGANISM an Aussie term which would also be sort of apt!

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12 minutes ago, URMySunshine said:

Pretty soon oversea tourists will be a big 0. Then the sh!t will really hit the fan. 

You mean this has been about the TM30 all along?Is this the Thai way of absolving themselves of this curse?

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2 hours ago, Gecko123 said:

Besides, with climate change and drought, farmers in my village are barely hanging on by their fingernails. Would the minister not agree that they are more worthy recipients of help and support than upscale malls in Bangkok?

agree, have a view over a huge field that was fully prepared, plowed (not burned), the small water separators neatly lined up. 
but the (apparently promised) water provided was barely enough for half a ngaan.
another bout of erosion of fertile soil going on right in front of me.

Wonder how full the Reservoirs upstream are ....

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5 hours ago, GeorgeCross said:


phew, thought i was gonna have to help out too


You’d probably need a work permit, a stack of other forms, and half your day at immigration if you were going to help out.


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Thais travelling all over the place as tourists to compensate for the lack of foreigners is a sure thing to spread the virus to every corner of Thailand.

I would love to come shopping in Bangkok , I NEED to go shopping in Bangkok,

but the risk too great.  Two times 8 hours in a bus with closed aircon with sneezing

and coughing people , then the same with the city busses in Bangkok , touching

what hundreds before me have touched . Bus terminals full of people .
Then get the outbreak that is bound to happen and get quarantined in Bangkok.

Who's going to pay for staying in quarantine , who's going to pay the hospital bills

when I get the virus. Do I feel lucky , punk ?

I'm already weary of cars here with Bangkok or Chiang Mai plates.

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7 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

There must be millions to be made with this taste, shop, spend campaign. Insanity failed first time so do it again, failed a second time so do it again, failed a third time mmmm let's do it again" we so clever we skim so much money no one say anything, again please and keep going"... Shop spend 10 coming soon... 

The Thai  way.

If it fails,or does not work to plan, keep doing the exact same thing over and over again.

The  theory is that sooner or later, it WILL work out, because thats the way we have planned it to be.

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