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Kaoboi Bebobp

Vietnam tourist agency proposes free visas to restore growth

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Now, will VN Immigration relax or postpone new visa law amendments due July 1? 




The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) estimated that the Covid-19 epidemic could cost the country $5.9- $7.7 billion in first-quarter tourism revenues, or about 25 percent of the industry's revenue last year.


To help the industry revive, the administration has outlined several revival measures in a proposal it plans to submit to the Prime Minister.


The proposal says Vietnam should issue unilateral visa exemptions to Western and Northern European markets as well as Canada; and abolish visa fees for all international visitors in 2020.



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6 minutes ago, from the home of CC said:

Looks to me the changes are only concerning tourists, not expats trying to retire there.


Yeah, they're definitely concerned about tourist numbers and the revenue. I assume the visa waiver proposal, once approved, would have to go through the National Assembly. Who knows, they might tack something on to visa waiver amendments dealing with the new July 1 visa law amendments. Or not. So a long shot, methinks. Still, there were a lot of people staying 90 days in VN, spending a lot of money.

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She said the company had taken a group of European tourists to a traditional household in Phan Thiet, a popular coastal town in south-central Ninh Thuan Province, but the family refused to receive guests over Covid-19 concerns.

"I explained this was a group of European visitors who haven’t gone through epidemic-stricken areas, but the family would not budge. They said that allowing the foreign tourists to enter their homes would not be accepted by the neighbors."


Seems like European tourists won’t be welcomed anywhere soon. 

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Posted (edited)

UPDATE on Vietnam visa rules:

Rather than having to make a border run every 30 days, as previously announced, tourists will be given the option of reporting to their local immigration office (for a fee of US$10), or of hiring an agent to do so. That would mean, on a 90 day tourist visa, you would report to the local IO twice, and have to cross the border and return with a new visa (or in the case of Americans, with a one-year visa, cross the border and return, three times a year).


See new Eli the Bike Guy video. New Visa Rules discussion occur roughly 12:30- 21:00



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