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UK National and Student looking to extend visa via Spouse

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Hi there,

I am in a relationship with a girl. She is currently studying here and we are living in different cities. After chatting online for over a year, e've met twice, first in October last year for a long weekend in her city, and then for Christmas, she spent two weeks with me here and met my family etc. I have not met her family as they don't speak English - not sure if this will affect the visa application for us. Her visa runs out in November, and we want to stay together here in the UK.

Hoping somebody here has been in the same situation and can offer guidance as to our options for staying in the UK together as a couple. Which visa can we apply for in our situation? The main difference to our situation is that my partner is already in the UK, and is living and studying here under a student visa.

I'll list any info that might affect our application here:

- I have just accepted a new job which starts on the 9th of March, it's a salary job which pays over the threshold of £18, 700p.a
- I am moving city for this job, so will have to move back in with my parents until I find my own place, which will either be a flatshare or a one-bedroom rental property.
- I have a past conviction which resulted in a fine issued by the court, which was paid off around 2014

My partner:
- She has been living here for two years for university. Her course finishes in August
- Her student visa will expire in November
- She is legally allowed to work part-time currently but has been focusing on her studies. She does, however, do some very infrequent part-time work at her university for a course ambassador role

Us as a couple:
- Met online
- Live in different cities but plan to live in the same city after her course finishes
- Have met in person twice
- She has met my family
- I haven't met her family
- We have photographs of us together
- We have years worth of chat logs, phone and video call logs, as well as emails dating back just over a year

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You haven’t mentioned but am I right to assume that she is Thai or from outside the EEA? The only way it is likely to work is if you get married and she will also have to return to her home country to apply for the visa.



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If you marry in the UK before the expiry of the student visa, your partner can apply to switch into a spouse settlement visa without leaving the UK,

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