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Concern over coronavirus spread as cases jump in South Korea, Italy and Iran

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Believe  the S Korea spike is due to  one individual who  didn't report  travelling to  Wuhan in December. I think  the other spikes will be traced to similar  irresponsible  individuals. It's either  the Chinese who are world wide travelers lying  or Bats spreading the virus.  I know  which my money is on! 

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On 2/24/2020 at 7:09 AM, rwill said:

U.S. health officials have counted 92 child flu deaths this year, up from the same time last year but fewer than were counted by this point in 2018. In all, the CDC estimates at least 14,000 Americans have died of the flu this season.


And this is just the USA.  Imagine the numbers worldwide.

Way more people die from common flu strains and yet somehow we don't go around freaking out about it.


Another perspective.  

About 70 people die each day from traffic accidents in Thailand and yet we still travel around.

You forget to tell about how many are killed by wars and by starving. And you not seems to realise that one more deadly and easily worldvide spread illness make the whole worse.

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