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British football coach, 32, fights for life in Thai hospital against severe lung infection

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Teesside football coach, 32, fights for life in Thai hospital against severe lung infection

Mark Mckeown, from Hemlington, has been placed into an induced coma after falling ill with pneumonia in Thailand

By Jade McElwee




A Teesside man is fighting for his life in a Thai hopsital.


Mark Mckeown, from Hemlington, has been placed into an induced coma after suffering with severe pneumonia.


The 32-year-old moved to Pattaya, in Thailand, 12-years-ago to teach children how to play football in underprivileged schools.


It is believed Mark developed a chest infection and admitted himself into hospital around two weeks ago.


But in the last few days, doctors placed him into a coma due to the severity of the condition he is fighting.


The former Coulby Newham Secondary School student's family are at his bedside including sister Jodie, two brothers Lee and Shaun, as well as his mum and dad.


Mark's friend Richard Sanderson, who regularly travels to Thailand to see Mark, said: "He's in a really bad way.


"Everyone is in bits and can't believe what's happening.


"His family are trying everything possible to keep him alive. It's costing £2,000 a day to keep him in there."


Full story: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/teesside-football-coach-32-fights-17798198


-- Gazette Live 2020-02-24

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I may be coming down with a 'chest infection' myself. So for: Runny nose, dry throat, cough. Praying I don't get a fever. Been taking Vitamin C and D all of last week. Late last month it was the flu... that was rough. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery. I wonder if they tested him for that one virus that is going around? Vidcom-16?

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2 hours ago, Isaanbiker said:

Terrible news! 


I've lost a good friend who had a heart problem and was then in a vast room of Sappasit hospital Ubon R. with around 20 other patients who had almost all contagious diseases, including lung infections.


  He died on the same day after he received urgently needed blood that we found from donors through TV.


  It turned out that he had four different types of lung infections, and even one of the doctors told me that I shouldn't come to visit, it would be too dangerous.


The irony was that we found a single room for him, but he had to be in intensive care after the second lung infection.


We had no other choice. I wish I'd have known that before. 


  "My country doesn't have enough money to separate patients with contagious diseases" were the doctor's words.  


I've even seen a live operation in the middle of the night, right in the middle of the room, done by an Indian doctor who seemed to help out. 


I hope that he'll make it.


Thai hospitals are in no way up to international standards when it comes to hygiene. 

I have seen an urgent operation in the ICU.

In a hospital in the Netherlands.

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31 minutes ago, cardinalblue said:

Thailand or any third world country is not the place to be for any complex medical condition....


one needs critical thinkers, competent medical staff and adequate resources and infrastructure (I.e. proper isolation rooms) To have a reasonable chance for complete recovery....


outrageous daily costs cited....should have a competent person to review them....

Let's face it. You'd need a competent Microbiologist, as the virus always changes its form.


 How many of them are working at Thai hospitals? 


I've had a Staphylococcus Aureus infection ( bacteria living on our skin) from a "well known" German hospital and almost lost my leg. 


That happened after a Thai doctor messed up my leg so severely that German doctors had a good laugh when looking at the X-ray! 


A lady who also received an artificial knee joint at the same time frame did lose her leg, and I went through hell. 


I wish the poor bloke only the best to recover. Get well soon!!! 


I'm atheist; otherwise, I'd pray for him. 

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