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Hua Hin Airport expansion to help transform sleepy resort into a truly international tourist destination

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Hua Hin Airport expansion to help transform sleepy resort into a truly international tourist destination




Often considered a quieter alternative to the likes of Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai, the days of Hua Hin being known as a more laid back destination may be about to end.


On Saturday, Thai news site Talk News Online reported the Thai government has approved a huge expansion of Hua Hin Airport that will help to transform the sleepy resort into a genuine international tourist destination to rival other more established destinations in Thailand. 


The approved 350 million baht expansion consists of two projects, with 250 million baht being spent to extend the runway in order bring it up to the standards required for large scale international air travel, while 100 million baht will be spent on extending the passenger terminal.


The project should take between 2-3 years to complete and once finished will enable Hua Hin to welcome not only more domestic flights but also international flights from destinations such as mainland China, South Korea, India and Hong Kong, as well as from other locations in ASEAN.


A fully operational international airport will be a huge boost for the economy in Hua Hin and neighbouring Phetchaburi province, officials said.


Under the now approved plans, it is understood the runway at Hua Hin Airport will be expanded by up to 45 metres in order to accommodate larger aircraft. 


The parking area for planes will also be expanded. Currently the airport has capacity for two B737s but when the improvements are done it will have the capacity to park five B 737s at any one time. 


The airport terminal will also be expanded to handle three times the amount of passengers it can handle currently. The present structure can handle only 300 passengers an hour - this will be trebled to 900 passengers per hour. 


The expansion of Hua Hin Airport is a key part of measures to develop the whole area from Hat Chao Sam Ran in Phetchaburi down the coast to Chumphon.


The planned transformation of the coast has been dubbed "Thai Riviera" project - with the aim to the coastline becoming an alternative to more established tourist areas like Phuket in the south and Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard. 




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-24
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I Won't be going to Hua-Hin when the Airport is Expanded Then !!

oh god please no    

i live in Hua Hin and as all things Thai the planning is non existent. or is maximized to include corruption like unnecessary motorbike taxis.   they don't even have a baht bus route to the

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It's fun to watch how the world works.  First you find a "diamond in the rough," and then the word gets out. It takes you a little longer than expected to leave, and then your next "diamond" gets swamped.  It's OK, that's life.   Don't worry, there are 100 more cities that have yet to be "discovered."  


The truth..... 1 BILLION people could move to America and it wouldn't be that crowded.  


So this expansion is not a problem for anyone reading this.  Talk to me in 200-years

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15 minutes ago, Jimbo2014 said:

I just checked airvisual - screenshot below.  I think we are all accepting this abnormal as the new normal 😞 - glad you are managing.


I don't trust those apps 100%, there is a strong breeze everyday at the moment so I can't believe the air is too bad here. I used to have to use a ventolin inhaler in the UK, never touched it whilst living here!

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I think 45 meter is print error.

For International flight it should be about 60-meter-wide and 3,7 km long.

As I understand it Hua Hins runway at the present is 35-meter-wide and 2,1 km. long so adding 45 meters makes it 2,145 km long.  

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