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PM2.5 dust particles forecast to blanket Bangkok until end of month

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4 hours ago, mickey rat said:

No, in fact it's getting worse and the junta absolutely refuses to do anything about it. And it's not only BKK, it's 183 AQI 2.5 PM in Hua Hin as I write this! The locals sending their children off to school and exercising in the park in the late afternoon have no idea of what they are being subjected to. It's criminal really. Then there's the Coronavirus debacle... 🙄Thailand is finished in my humble opinion. 

An unhealthy 154 in Cha Am, PM2.5 at more than twice the WHO max safety level - and this despite those "refreshing" sea breezes which uninformed tourists and locals flock to the Gulf coast to enjoy.


International visitors seem totally unware of how hazardous the air is, while locals smart enough to check online air quality forecasts are staying in doors, with windows and doors shut and air purifiers going full blast as they are advised to do, and wearing masks when they venture outside.


Some of Thailand's polluted towns and cities are becoming as unhealthy as those in India and China, where rocketing rates for pneumonia linked to PM 2.5 particulates had triggered angry public protests in Wuhan shortly before latest corona virus scare started.


Anger at official apathy is also rising in Thailand, as demonstrated by the many posts on the subject on this forum and in Thai newspapers.


There are reports of the Chinese health authorities are no longer insisting that patients with lung problems have pulmonary scans instead of blood and other tests for the latst virus. If someone has pneumonia, irrespective of the source, they are likely on the corona infection list.


This could obviously be a handy way for the world's worst air polluters to get off the hook. But not one which is acceptable.


According to the WHO, air pollution causes seven premature deaths every year. Ending this unecessary carnage should be made the world's number one priority, ahead of spending trillions on climate change - which reducing air pollution will, of course, automatically help ameliorate.




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Under a blanket of toxic deadly air.....but sleep well knowing that in a few bus stops , air quality monitors will keep you informed and some buses with sensitive air purifiers mounted on the roofs are working to keep you safe...

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On 2/25/2020 at 5:04 AM, unsubscribe said:

As someone new to Thailand, how long has it been like this? Is there any hope for some sort of emissions control or mitigation strategy or are we all doomed to lung disease?


Nov-Dec to Feb-March pretty much every year.


No to the next question. Yes to the last one, depending on how long you stay!  :wink:

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