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Should organized Songkran activities be cancelled this year?

A viral topic?  

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16 hours ago, Benmart said:

Sadly, greed, corruption and denial may prevent any sensible decision from those whose sensibility makes no sense.

Are you a Thai National?

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15 hours ago, UbonThani said:

400 who cares


It's not as bad as swine flu


Is it not? How infectious is Covid-19 then???


It seems the worlds governments and WHO are a little more concerned than you, but you know better, right?


At first I too was complacent about this virus and figured it was a media reaction and a lot of <deleted>-coving policy from those in positions of power protecting their positions... however, there is also a very real risk / potential....



And the potential is this: 


Using Spanish Flu as a Model: 

Spanish flu (H1N1 and a second of swine flu) in 1918 infected about 500 million people in the world (27% of the worlds population back then). The death toll has been estimated at 50 million people (a 10% mortality rate).


Using the Spanish Flu infection rates for Covid-19: 27% of the worlds current population is 2.079 Billion. The Covid-19 mortality rate is currently estimated at 2.3%, that’s equivalent 47.8 Million people / deaths worldwide.


Using Seasonal Influenza as a Model: 

5-20% of the population (in the Western World) get Seasonal Influenza each year. 

Using Seasonal Influenza infection rates for Covid-19: 5-20% of the worlds population is 385 Million to 1.5 billion people. 

The Covid-19 2.3% mortality rate equates to between 8.85 and 35.4 million deaths worldwide. 




The seemingly low stats for Covid-19 are far from the potential reality because we’re so early on in the cycle, which is why those responsible for mitigating the Covid-19 outbreak are doing everything they can within their power to limit and contain its spread.


That’s the reality and perspective we should all understand, so as not to underestimate this threat when mistakenly using ‘statistics’ of this virus in the stages of pre-pandemic infancy and comparing them with established illness and diseases.



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On 2/26/2020 at 5:03 PM, darksidedog said:

An extra factor to be considered is the fact that right now Thailand doesn't have much water, so to throw millions of gallons around which they really can't spare, added to the virus spreading potential, does mean there is good cause to call as much of it off as possible. Won't happen though, but as I head out of town for the duration every year anyway, it won't bother me much, unless of course our borders get sealed.

There's always Khlong Water like they used from the Phasi Charoen in BangWa to soak bus passengers a few years ago ....If everyone gets Typhus why worry about CoronaVirus ?

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The Genève International car show has been cancelled, (first time since 1947) numerous events like football,

concerts, carnivals, etc...cancelled, all over Europe, is that a hint or what!?

Every day more countries register virus carries, it's not slowing down.

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21 hours ago, emptypockets said:

Sadly too many only know and experience the booze and water fights and think that is Songkran.

Most of the tourists that come to Thailand for this event, think so.

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Moto GP can go ahead according to "government" press release, folks (visitors!) on here want to cancel "organised" Thai New Year celebrations - get a life people!

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