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Hello all

Been browsing for flights if my situation works out

Intentions are to fly from Sydney to Bangkok (swampy ) & return with wife & son

Result of search results


* Skyscanner = 1 yr ticket BKK to SYD - only showed 10 Scoot flights (could not believe that )

* Thai airways = "as above" - $1600 fully flexible BUT they stop short a mth or 2 of trying to book for a full yr (not know why this is )

* Singapore airlines = 10,000 bht more then Thai (also drops short of booking for full yr ) 

IE: They only give 10 or 11 mths instead of 12


* As yu can see there are no cheap flights with these carriers at the moment due to the lack of people


Any thoughts on any of the points above


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can normally only book 11 months ahead of the return flight


i just checked 1/3/20 to 1/2/21 plenty of flights, - https://bit.ly/2wQXqqi


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