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Thai lady who wants to apply for oz passport with unhelpful oz father.

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An ex student of mine from ages ago is now over 20 yrs old and has an Australian father who has subsequently dropped contact with her. He paid for her life up to the end of university and now she supports herself. A few yrs ago she asked him for help to get an oz passport but he was very ambivalent about assisting her. 


She said now he has gone awol and out of contact. She still wants to get an oz passport but has no intention of going to look for him. 


The documents she has is:

- copy of his pasport

- copy of her thai birth certificate with his name as the father. She's had it translated to English

- she showed me she has partly filled out an oz immigration 'identity declaration' form but has to get it executed by someone

- thai id card and passport


Does she have any chance of getting an oz passport. Should she just go to the oz consulate or VFS to try to get a passport. What are her chances




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