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"Please don't tell them about it." Confusion Pure.

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       Today, I was wondering why our Thai English teachers in the English department wore face masks and all in a sudden my phone rang.


  It was my lovely wife who informed me that a teacher from our school who lives near us had called her that she should inform me that some students from our school who came back from China could have the Coronavirus!

(He works in a different department) 


 After I hang up and  looked around me, I thought that somebody of them must start talking about it. 


But nope, I left school and none of them told us anything about an eventual risk.


Nor did anybody talk about any sick students who came back from China. 


Are we not worth to be aware of such a dangerous virus? I'm not scared to get sick, but truly shocked about their behaviour.


Isn't that similar to the usual hit and run behaviour that happens here 24/7?


My apologies, I just don't understand such behaviour. Welcome to the Land of Smiles! 









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It sounds about normal.  I met with some of the Thai Admin at our school for coffee the other evening and much to my surprise, I found out that we also had students who had been to China and had possible exposure to Covid-19.   The school found out upon their return that they had been to China and promptly sent them home and they will not be allowed back for 14 days and a medical certificate that they are healthy.  



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Thank you for your input. Pretty much odd is that there's another school in the city with confirmed cases that they'd shut it down. 


Unfortunately, did I get sick last Friday afternoon and had a terrible weekend with a fever and all symptoms of a? flu?


I still feel too sick to go to school, but I have to finish my grades.


Wifey came home yesterday and told me that customers at the restaurant where she's working had said to her that it's a student from a particular class.


Last week, she phoned me and told me that we'd have the virus at our school, which she'd gotten from a friend of ours who teaches there. 


 And still no warning from our Thai colleagues.

I give up on them. 














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Thee have been situations like yous, revealing a mean streak. Like holding a big paty days afte all foeigners' contracts ended. O msking foeign teaches pay 2,800 THB to go to some "English Camp" by bus. (No way in hell will the Thai teaches pay a single Baht, JMHO).


That has been a beach of tust. 

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