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Washington home buried under 15-foot mountain of tumbleweed

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A man's home in Washington state has been buried under a 15-foot mountain of tumbleweed, which will take more than a week to clear.


Dick Wilde, 73, has pleaded for help from locals to clear thousands of tumbleweeds that strong winds have blown into his garden.


His home in Kennewick, Wash., is surrounded by piles of dry weeds from nearby wheat fields.

A combination of strong 60 mph winds and dry weather has led to huge balls of weeds being blown right across the town.


Unfortunately for the owner, a retired nuclear engineer, his house is located upwind, meaning the weeds have stacked up in his garden.


He said he’s going to have to put in around 20 hours of hard labor to clear the mountain of tumbleweed.

“They all blew into my yard on Sunday night from the wheat farms," Wilde said. "The wind was strong enough to pick them up and blow them right into my yard. The stack reaches right to the top of the house."

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Try having your house buried under 15 foot snow drifts. Took me a lot longer than 20 hours to deal with that in the freezing cold. I had to tunnel my way out through a window, just to get outside to dig my way back in to the door.

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