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Cottage Cheese, No-sugar squash, Greek Yoghurt in BKK

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Hi all,


I'm struggling to find the following in Bangkok:


No-added sugar squash (ie https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/263586180). All I have found is flavoured Nestea mixes and other things; all of the drinks I've found have added sugar.


Greek Yoghurt (0% fat is even better) - Most are "Greek Style" with added flavours and have poor nutritional content.


Cottage Cheese (0% fat is even better) - Not been able to find this, even in Villa Market, Tops etc.


Cheers guys 🙂

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Caroline brand Greek yogurt is the best of the local brands that I've found, it has good protein content, is 0%, and behaves like Greek yogurt. Drain it a bit and it's even better. Available most places. My cheap self usually waits for it to go on discount and get the yellow markdown label at Tops - normal price 129, markdown around 70thb. Top choice here:



I see cottage cheese regularly at Villa and Tops, but can't help you with brand or fat content, I've never bought it. Villa's site lists 2, see if this search link works:


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