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Aluminum Door/Window Factory/Equipment for Sale

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1340511133_HydraulicPunch(2).jpg.62e88f819509920ca600f122f7ecd585.jpgTried posting this in the normal classifieds but the server has been down for several days.  
We have a door/window factory in Samut Prakan, Thailand. 

We are looking to either rent our factory with all equipment for 130,000 baht per month.
Sell all equipment for 2 million baht. 
Sell factory/equipment for 8.5 million baht.  
Covered factory area is 750 square meters.  Total factory area is 1360+ square meters. 
1. Two Double Miter Saws (4.2 meters long)
2. CNC Corner Bracket cutting machine
3. CNC Machining Center (3-axis), 7 meters long
4. Corner Crimping Machine (3 sets)
5. Hydraulic Punching Machine (2 sets)
6. 6 aluminum working tables 
7.  Glass lifting table (mainly used for cutting annealed glass)
8. End Milling Machine 
9. Copy Router 
10.  Arbitrary Angle Saw (UPCUT Saw).  Cuts any angle. 
11.  Aluminum ripping saw (2 sets)
Factory also has 6 glass racks for storing 3.6 x 2.4 meter glass sheets. 
If interested or you know anyone interested, please have them contact 
K. Aom at 064 784 1084. 
Line ID: aomangkana12
Best Regards,


Double Miter Saw 2.jpg

Steel Racks for Alum Storage.jpg




3 panel sliding door 3.JPG

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Moving to the Free Classifieds for you.

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