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Dutch man's missing 500 Euros: Grab driver gives himself up to Chiang Mai police

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Dutch man's missing 500 Euros: Grab driver gives himself up to Chiang Mai police



Picture: Chiang Mai News


A Grab taxi driver has given himself up to Muang Chiang Mai police after a Dutch tourist lost 500 Euros at an exchange booth in the city.


Edwin T. (name transliterated from Thai and subject to error), aged 27, went to the police after dropping his wallet at a booth at Saphan Lek on Monday.


CCTV showed a Grab driver quickly picking it up. 


Yesterday Urupong,40, went to the police but he denies keeping the money. 


The Chiang Mai News report was unclear what had happened to the cash but they said that the Grab driver's hands were "fast" though they stopped short of calling him a thief. 


Source: Chiang Mai News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-03-11
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today i found a wallet filled with cash.  immediately found the owner at a nearby market.   now...if it was 1 million usd in uncut diamonds... i wonder.... 


i did look at everyone today like "see, farang jai deeeeeee."  then i did my fake smile.  5555

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On 3/11/2020 at 8:04 PM, herwin1234 said:

what a sarcastic cynical and UNFAIR response to all the Thai ppl and taxidrivers who INDEED did bring lost wallets and money of tourists to the nearest police station. i was lucky enough to have unknown Thai ppl taken care of lost items on several occasions until i arrived back.

I am sure in yr own country this seldom happens, honest ppl bringing a lost wallet to the police, but in Thailand yes its not exceptional.

I don't think anybody thinks Thai people don't return money/lost items. I think Aussie999 was alluding to the fact that here, very often, bad news about Thai criminals cheating tourists is followed by stories of cabbies returning 100,000s of baht to forgetful tourists.

And no, that hardly every happens in my home country. Actually, I don't think I've ever read a story about a taxi driver returning money, because it's not considered newsworthy back home.

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