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Luang Prabang via Phu - Sang in Phayao

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Hello everyone, 


I was talking to my friend recently, I was thinking of going to Luang Phrabang in Laos. A friend of mine told me that now there is a way to get to Laos (make visa) via Phu Sang in Phayao. That is very close to my place, about 100 km away. 

Is anyone familiar here with the procedure of how it all works there? Is there any bus from anywhere I can take on Thai side or Laos side? Maybe anything similar to Sombat Tour. Any kind of info would be appreciated. I have also checked plane tickets, those were quite expensive around 8000 bht. 


Any info would be appreciated. 

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It was reported in another newspaper that I cannot link here that the Lao PDR opened the Pang Mon checkpoint in Sayaboury province opposite Thailand’s Ban Huak checkpoint in Phu Sang district of this northern border province on Feb 1.


I would be surprised if provincial buses did not run on both sides of the border.

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