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Grumpy John

Another disappointing year for mango growers.

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1 hour ago, Grumpy John said:

Khiaw Savoei are great ripe no doubt about it, but I need a big hit of sweetness everyday and #4's hit the spot!  Si Tong are OK and I do like the slightly less sweet citrus taste of R2E2's.  Now you maybe thinking I  am a sugar freak....which I was but I  have cut a lot of cane sugar out of my diet. Went from 102kg to 91kg just by cutting out bread,  a lot of pasta and a lot of sugar.  Oh,  and reduced salt.  Going from salted butter to no salt butter was a challenge.  Back on Oz I used to eat lots of mango's.....nothing has changed here! 

I don't know the #4 namdocmai, here they sell the gold one, the green (yellow-green) one which is sweeter, and namdocmai mun they huge one. So is #4 the green one because gold is the si thong?


I don't care much for r2e2, then i like a ripe keo sawoei more.


Yes we also try to eat less sugar, a sweet mango is a sugarbomb...but we have pasta today and tomorrow! With much cheese.


And real butter is always much better than what the thai bakeries use, shortening or that margarine in a can...i can't believe that's any good for a person. But yes i'm also 91 now and that's fat for me...so something has to go out of my diet soon...

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#4 translates to Bur Si.  Slightly smaller than Si Tong and yellow in colour as opposed to yellow/gold. The garbage they call butter is mostly margarine made from huge quantities of palm oil.   Butter blend is almost as bad.  The wife suggested I make my oats and chocolate muffins out of Thai butter...the difference in taste was notible...in a bad way!  I know it hurts the wallet paying for real butter,  and cheese but the exchange rate will get better and then I will feel better!  Everyone back home used to think Thai food is healthy food so I  took a picture of the MSG section in Makro and the display of margarine in plastic bags and now a lot of people are up to speed on how healthy Thai food is not!  I think my health jumped several points when we left Pattaya and came to the village where the wife does most of the cooking. 

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