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California Ink Bangkok March Madness Deal: Get 1 tattoo and receive 50% off your 2nd tattoo!

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California Ink Bangkok March Madness Deal:

Get 1 tattoo and receive 50% off your 2nd tattoo!




Located about 230 meters from the entrance of Soi Sukhumvit 4 in Nana, California Ink Tattoo Bangkok offers a wide range of tattoo services by experienced artists. It’s one of the leading studios in Bangkok in terms of expertise, cleanliness, and standard.

Whether you’re dying to get your first tattoo, or just looking for introductory advice from a studio of experts, California Ink can help you with both. 




The venue opened over a year ago but has recently changed its name. With its crew creating all kinds of gorgeous designs, the studio provides its services in two locations: Bangkok and Phuket.

Currently, the Nana shop works with a dozen skilled tattoo artists, whose experience in the craft ranges from three to 30 years. Three of them, who work mostly on Japanese, Polynesian, realism, and blackwork pieces, even won the first prizes from Singapore Ink Show 2019, Thailand Tattoo Expo 2019, as well as Malaysia Tattoo Expo 2019 for Realism Portraits and more recently, 5 trophies in major categories in Chiang Mai competition in February 2020.






Generally, though, you can trust all artists at California Ink to bring intricate and striking designs to life. Their styles include, but not limited to, Japanese, Polynesian, realism, blackwork, old school, new school, portraits, Chicano, traditional, watercolour, and tribal. The studio also takes on cover-up projects and tattoo corrections.

When it comes to tattoos, hygiene is a crucial issue, and California Ink takes this to heart. The studio strictly follows the Workplace Health & Safety Standards of America (WHS) and OHS guidelines set by the Professional Tattoo Association of America. 





All equipment, as well as inks, come from top US brands and are directly imported from the states.

Getting a tattoo, in most cases, is a lifelong commitment. So why not choose the best right from the start? We think California Ink is an excellent choice, but you can decide for yourself and get a walk-in consult session. The venue is open daily between 09.00 - 02.00, even on national holidays.

If you’ve set your sights on getting unique and incredibly detailed designs done, you can book a session or just walk right in. California Ink’s rates start at 2,000 THB. However, there’s no hourly rate, as prices are calculated based on the size and difficulty of the piece.


Email: Bangkok@cali-ink.com

Facebook: @californiainktattoobangkok

Instagram: @californiainktattoobangkok

Website: www.cali-ink.com







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