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A Thailand Newbie Looking to Meet and Learn from Expat Meditators/Monks/Nuns of All Races in Thailand

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Hello All,


Firstly Thank You for reading this post from a Thailand Newbie from Singapore. I am a male in my mid-40s and I am very keen to meet Expat Meditators/Monks/Nuns of all Races who are meditating and learning meditating from Thailand Spiritual Masters, Monks, Ajahns, etc.


I have a lot of questions which I need to ask as I am hoping to meditate long-term in Thailand in the near future hopefully when the COVID-19 virus gets blown over.


I am wondering if there are any kind Expat Meditators/Monks/Nuns who will be willing to walk me through online to discuss what are the problems which I will be facing if I am really keen on meditating in Thailand Forest Monasteries or Retreats or Temples long-term.


Language wise, I don't speak a word of Thai which would obviously work against me.


Thank you for teaching me.



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I will try and find some places for you.  Here's one you might try.  



here's the e-mail of another:  [email protected] 

here's a website of another:  https://mmipeace.org/

I'm not sure of any that has online training.  

Get on YouTube and look for Ajahn Brahm meditation.  He is an Englishman living Australia, he has some really good meditation video's. 

Good Luck. 


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Posted (edited)

I think the OP is not interested in Youtube videos

Thailand is not a great place to come if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment and such

Thais are not keen on these kind of things

1000s of monks in the monasteries are of no help either..language problems and a lack of understanding of the Dharma (imho)

There is the option of Wat Pa Nanatchat but not sure how you can stay there unless you want to ordain.


Personally (as a layman) I would go to India...the Bodhgaya area to be precise.

There are some mnasteries there and English is widely spoken

..plus..Indians overall are way more into these things


Don't want to bash thais but they don't have it in them (a few notable exceptions obviously)

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Hello Namaste


Is there a reason why you've chosen Thailand as your base to learn and practice meditation?


What practice experiences have you had and what is your current understanding of the path?






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