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Need Info., & Recommendations, for Front Chairs & Rear Chair Seat Replacement & "Seat-Belt System" or "Seat-Belt" Replacment in Bangkok for Ford Ranger XLT / Mazda Fighter 4 x Door Pickup [ 20 + years old ]

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Dear Fellow Thaivisa.com Posters,


My Ford Ranger XLT [ re-badged Mazda Fighter ] 4 x Door Pickup is over 20 years old.


Here is hoping for information & recommendations as to how I can get "good & cheap" solutions to "A_ Car [ Pickup ] Chairs" & "B_ Car [ Pickup ] Seat-Belts" below



I wish to up-grade the Chairs thus :



"New" Front Chairs of suitable Higher Specification


Priorities :



Underlying Substance ;





Surface :

Pale Color

Easily Wipeable

Smooth [ Non-Pile ]


Easily capable of being covered by Free-Size Car Covers that I see in stall of shopping mall selling for some THB 3,500 a pair



Adjustment ;

Perhaps feasible are inclusion of functions other than current :

Slide back & forth

Tilt of Back

Removable Head Rests

Seat Height


Perhaps there is a nominal size on-the-shelf which very satisfactorily fits most pickups including mine.

I hope to avoid incurring probable much higher price for custom-made chairs.


Note ;

I hope that "powered" chairs are not necessary for to easily enable Seat Height adjustment.





"Used" Front Chairs in "excellent" condition that satisfactorily fulfill all of desired qualities & adjustments outlined in 1_ above.



Custom-made Seat plus re-covered Back for Rear Chair [ continuous ] to match solution for Front Chairs





I wish to upgrade the Seat-Belt System thus :


Note ;

Current system does house the non-contacting part of Front Seat-Belts into a vertical axis plastic panels.



New Seat-Belt System of suitable higher Specification


OR [ if B_1_ above is not feasible for my situation ]



New Seat-Belt Material plus appropriately adjusted retraction mechanism


Thanking yee all in advance for yer most kind helpful constructive replies.




Our Man in the Tropics






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You need a breakers yard and a set of tools, you will also need to have a little engineering knowledge to create new mounts etc. Your biggest problem will be the back seat, doubt any donor seat will fit..

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Following inspired wording for search,- I finally found lists which include each of the above categories ;

Search String

car upholstery thailand


Example of Results ;

Hours or services may differ


However,- the Corona-19 Crisis has prevented me from visiting any of these businesses.


I may start phoning as many as I can starting from tomorrow.

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