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Vietnam to refuse visitors from UK, Schengen countries - state media

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11 hours ago, Cake Monster said:

I am due to fly to Vietnam Tomorrow -15th

On Wednesday Vietnam Immigration stopped all Visa exempt entry, so I applied for an Evisa, and as yet 19.00 on 14th I have not received it. I am starting to think that its a typical knee jerk reaction and as soon as they see UK on the Passport its an instant rejection

I also have not been to the UK for over 6 years now and reside in Thailand, from where I will be flying.

My flight company ( Vietjet ) cannot advise their customers, and everybody seems to be doing the Thai thing and just running away from the problem.

I was even advised by the Airline to turn up at Swampy Tomorrow morning and maybe they would, or wouldn,t let me board my flight.

The customer care girl knew absolutely nothing about this new directive, which is extremely poor, as obviously nobody could be bothered to instruct the staff as to the situation, and allow them to advise their cutomers

Very very poor indeed.



evisa was cancelled last week

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On 3/14/2020 at 12:22 PM, keith101 said:

Stopping people from entering the country will not stop the spread its already there .

Still having issues with the concept of containment?


It's got nothing to do with personal inconvenience either. Anywhere.

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