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Locals struggle as Phayao is blanketed by haze

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Locals struggle as Phayao is blanketed by haze

By The Nation




Villagers in Phayao province are currently facing the problem of toxic haze that is causing difficulty in breathing, sore throat and burning nose.


The haze could be seen clearly in Phayao province on Saturday (March 14) and it even obscured the scenery around Phayao Lake. People who came in the morning to exercise had to wear face masks. The Doi Luang Mountain on the west side of the lake was completely screened off by the haze.


Phayao 2.jpg


Vision on the road was only up to a distance of 10 metres, while the morning sun was a dark orange due to the smog.


Phayao 3.jpg


The level of particulate matter (PM) less than 2.5 microns was 215 micrograms per cubic metre, PM10 was 251 micrograms per cubic metre, and the Air Quality Index (AQI) value was 325 micrograms, which is considered a hazardous level.


Phayao 4.jpg


Meanwhile, forest fires were ignited continuously in many areas, such as forests in front of the University of Phayao and Wiang Lo Wildlife Sanctuary.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30384099



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-03-15
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22 minutes ago, legend49 said:

Same environment in Chiang mai for 4 days now.

Sssshh...please.. how can I sell my condos in the Riviera of the North?


Splendid view..



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Looking at the pictures I thought it was of Chiang Mai this morning Air in Chiang Mai is really bad can the government do anything to help us poor people living in Chiangmai Thailand TIT

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So the symptoms of poisoning by airborne pollution are chronic cough, headache, nausea, watery eyes, and possibly a fever.


Wait a moment: isn't there some sort of flu going around with similar symptoms? How os one meant to tell the difference?

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4 hours ago, VocalNeal said:

How much tax do you guys pay?

Are you Mr. Heath? Or Mr. Wilson?

The Beatles have been singing more than 50 years ago about such nonsense...

If it makes you happy, every item you buy in Thailand is taxed with 7 %. No?

So you might calculate yourself whatever you want.


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