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Covid-19 in Hua Hin: Beer bars agree to preventative measures but say: Don't close us down!

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Covid-19 in Hua Hin: Beer bars agree to preventative measures but say: Don't close us down!



Picture: 77kaoded


The beer bars of Hua Hin have sent a strong message to the Thai government. 


We will comply with measures to prevent spread of the coronavirus but don't close us down. 


The comments come after Anutin Charnvirakul the health and deputy prime minister suggested shutting down Thailand's entertainment industry.


It is still a proposal but a decision on what to do is expected imminently. 


77kaoded said that many measures are now in place around Hua Hin at department stores, traditional massage and spas, hotels, resorts, the Torung Market, airport, ferry and bus stations. 


Yesterday district chief Thanon Phanpheephat and health officials moved on to the bar beer areas of Soi 80 and 94 in the popular holiday resort. 


An outdoor crisis meeting was attended by staff and representatives of more than 100 beer bars.


They agreed with the ideas to have gels ready for hand washing, checks on staff before and after work even checks on the temperature of customers. 


They agreed with having a central screening point.


They agreed to have a huge deep clean of the area tomorrow (Wednesday).


But their voice was loud and clear to the government - don't shut us down. 


Source: 77kaoded




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-03-17
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What could possibly go wrong with 100 or more people sitting relatively close to one another, drinking, partying, and just one infected person joining the fun?  

and those of you in Pattaya try not to be jealous of our smokin' hot women in Hua Hin. 

shut the damn bars already   2 squirts of hand sanitizer will not stop an outbreak amongst a bunch of geriatric alcoholics or the expats who bar fine them      

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15 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

or the expats who bar fine them

the woman in the bottom right of the photo pays me so she can spank my a**.

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