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Phuket bars, clubs closed for 14 days over COVID-19 fears

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On 3/21/2020 at 11:51 AM, xylophone said:

As the old saying goes, "they are between a rock and a hard place"...........going back home would entail travel fares which can amount to a few thousand baht anyway, but then there is the question of where they are currently living/staying.


Many of them will have lived in the same rooms for quite some time and will not want to give them up (especially if they have found one which is good value and in which they have some furniture) so if that's the case they will want to keep them, and that means they will have to pay rent? So they will pay rent whether they go or they stay!


Paying some sort of nominal rent, and keeping the room, and moving back home with family will at least ensure that they are fed and watered, however it's a difficult decision I would imagine, and I do feel so sorry for them.  

Another couple of astute high quality Posts xylophone 👍🏼

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To quote a well known phrase from Star Trek, "it's life Jim, but not as we know it"............ 

And that seems to apply here because the life we have known before seems to have come to an abrupt halt with very few people around the shopping malls, and bars and restaurants closed.


I haven't seen any "panic buying" as such, however a couple of days ago at Tops in Phuket Central, I did see a Thai lady with two full trolleys of various things, although no toilet paper involved!


And my efforts to be able to help the girls from my favourite bar have come to nothing because I have been told by their "leader" that none of them are coming out and they are staying in their rooms, even after I offered to drop off some money and bottles of wine for them!


In addition my Thai daughter who is in Phuket town, sent me a long email about wearing a mask and washing my hands, and has even bought some facemasks online for me, because she is worried about me – that's very nice to know (she is a great young lady).


Will have to see how this pans out in Patong, as it seems to be a case of those who are genuinely scared, versus those who are just following "orders"?

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Posted (edited)

Well Xylo, you seem to have been a good influence on me as I have just given a helping hand to my main regular squeeze from my last visit – she did go above and beyond!


I think that the problem is that Thais in general do not save for a rainy day – as soon as they get some cash they send some home to the family and then whatever is left over is blown on clothes, shoes, yet more tattoos, cheap jewellery and also their friends – they do seem to look after one another. When a crisis strikes, or their customers dry up, they have nothing to fall back on.


My friend is now out of work and wants to go home, but can not even get her hands on B1,500 for the fare, so I sent her that and some extra to make the transfer worthwhile.


She talked me into using PayPal rather than my preferred Western Union so she will probably lose 20% in fees and forex charges.


I was worried that she would just blow it, but I don ‘t think that any shoe shops are open so maybe she will make it home!

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